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Marble Surface


Marble Surface
  • 60 Min $95.00

What is reflexology?

More than just a hand or foot massage, reflexology focuses on pressure points along the feet and hands correlating to specific zones in the body. A reflexology session helps balance the body, encouraging its self-healing and regenerative abilities. Sessions begin with a variety of soothing oils and techniques applied to the feet or hands to refresh and soothe aching muscles. The therapist then engages reflexology points with hand and finger pressure to address the client’s unique concerns. Reflexology can be used to address mental issues as well as physical, including digestive, circulatory and other problems. Many people find reflexology to be deeply relaxing, and it's an excellent option for clients with medical conditions that prohibit full-body massage.

  • Tax and gratuity included in price

  • 24-hour cancellation policy (read our FAQs for more details)

  • If this is your first visit, make sure to fill out the new patient intake form online before you arrive.

Marble Surface
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