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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never had a massage before. What should I expect?

Many new clients, especially if they’ve never had a massage before, may be nervous when arriving for their first massage appointment. At Revive Wellness and Massage, we make sure your experience is a positive one.

A registered massage therapist will review a detailed health intake with you before providing any massage services. This important step helps the massage therapist better understand your needs and provide the safest possible massage services. All information given to the massage therapist is confidential under PIPEDA guidelines and may be released to your doctor only with your written permission. After a brief conversation with your massage therapist, and possible muscle assessment or postural tests, your therapist will introduce you to the treatment room.

If this is your first visit, make sure to fill out the new patient intake form when you book before you arrive.  If you book over the phone or text/email, you will receive a confirmation email.  With 3 links to documents to fill out, please fill each document out prior to arriving. If you did not receive an email, kindly contact our front desk or arrive 15 - 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appoint to give you plenty of time to fill out each document and allow you to get settled and start the massage promptly.


If you are a returning customer, 10-5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time is good.  We are unable to go over the scheduled end time due to subsequent bookings.

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I am a little nervous, should I leave my clothes on or take them off?

A registered massage therapist will always practice industry guideline draping techniques.  Draping is where the massage therapist folds and tucks the towel or sheet around your body, only exposing the areas to be worked on. Many regular clients prefer to be fully undressed with draping. If you feel more comfortable leaving your loose-fitting underwear on, that is totally fine -- and you will still be draped with a towel or sheet. To access certain areas such as the back or glutes, removing your bra strap and/or removing undergarments (with draping) will help the massage therapist work these muscles at a greater depth.

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WOW! that was a great massage. Should I tip the therapist?

Contractor RMTs receive a commission of more than 50% of the base price for any client service.  Additional tips are neither expected nor required at Revive Wellness and Massage. However, if you wish to offer an extra tip for exceptional service, you are welcome to do so via cash or transaction terminal. Please note that the owner of our practice does not accept tips.

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I am still feeling pain after my treatment, what should I do?

While massage therapy will assist with pain relief, it may take several hours after your massage for the pain relief effects to kick-in. Additional sessions may be needed to reduce pain for chronic conditions.  When you join a gym and want to get into shape, you don't expect to reach your goal with a single workout.

Massage therapy, when applied correctly, may require more than one session to achieve your pain relief goals. It is best practice to continue with a therapy maintenance schedule, talk with your therapist about the schedule that works best for you. If you are suffering from an injury or condition beyond the scope of massage therapy, we will refer you to someone who can best help you.

The therapist will also recommend drinking plenty of water as well as have a bath with epsom salts.

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There are so many options, which therapist is the best fit for me?

Though we guarantee the license and professionalism of each one of our therapists we recommend to always check the background training and licensing information for any massage therapist in Alberta before you make an appointment with them. In Alberta, it’s illegal to practice massage therapy without a license.   Licensed massage therapists should display their provincial registration clearly in the room they are working.

Some clients may prefer working with a female or male therapist only -- and that is understandable for any reason. However, researching the background and training information for each therapist will help you find the best therapist for your specific massage therapy goals.

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I booked my appointment but something came up. What is your cancelation policy?

We fully understand life happens, keep us in the loop if you are unable to make it to your appointment. 24-hour notice is required if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. If less than 24-hours notice is given and the appointment cannot be filled, you will be charged the full price of the service. Same-day appointments cancelled more than 1 hour after being made will be charged in full. No shows are charged in full. We reserve the right to give away your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late.  By agreeing to this policy, you are authorizing the use of your credit card for the scheduled appointment.

This policy has been updated for COVID-19. If you are experiencing symptoms of fever or any other illness that begin less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment and we cannot fill the scheduled appointment time with another customer, the client must assume full responsibility for payment of scheduled time,

This policy applies to new and existing customers and is non-negotiable. If you anticipate missing your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, for any reason — including but not limited to illness, injury, a sick child, traffic, subway delays, weather conditions without a severe weather warning, job-related conflicts, and family emergencies, please phone us ASAP.

By scheduling with us, you are agreeing to adhere to this policy and will not pushback or attempt to damage our reputation if we have to enforce this policy. 

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I've heard of Reiki but I want to know more

Maybe you’ve heard of reiki but don’t quite know what it is. Maybe you’re considering reiki but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you. Or maybe your doctor has suggested reiki as a form of therapy complementary to your existing medical treatments. Read more below for more information.

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I like the way everything sounds, how do I book an appointment?

By clicking on ANY of the Book Now buttons on any page on this website it will take you directly to our online booking system. There you will simply create an account and select your services and choose the time available.

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